“Do you work?”



Clothesline laundry

Those of you who know me, know that I work part-time outside of the home. It still irritates me, though, when I am out and about, and hear this question: “Do you work?”

Uh…HELLO?!?! Do you think I just sit around and eat BonBons on my days off? Here’s a sample of my Saturday:
First, I did a couple of loads of laundry. Isn’t the quilt Eden’s great-grandmother made beautiful. Part of me wants to put it in the cedar chest and save it..but save it for what? I keep it on her bed, and we use it. Every night, as I tuck her in, I think of Granny Biddle, and how her dear hands created every loving stitch, and remember her. What better use for a quilt?
My next project was to attempt to make Sweet potato pancakes. First, I had to roast a couple of sweet potatoes from last year’s garden surplus. Then, I had to scoop the pulp out, run it through the food processor, can  and freeze what I wasn’t going to use immediately, and then proceed with the recipe. It ended up not being a favorite, so I’m still on the lookout for another good sweet potato pancake recipe, if anyone would like to share. It did make a ton of pancakes, though, so I had to bag those up and freeze them for breakfast’s later in the week.
Next, I started hard boiling eggs, so that Eden and I could decorate them for Easter. While that was cooking, I started my attempt at making home-made pop tarts. Have you ever read the ingredient list on store-bought pop tarts? YUCK! There were several sites that had instructions that seemed doable..just let me say this: Store bought pop tarts are okay on occasion! I don’t think I will be attempting to make these frequently…
On to decorating the Easter Eggs. We had such fun, although it was sad that the boys were gone to La. Youth Camp, and couldn’t help us. Sigh…in the blink of an eye, kids grow up and leave you!
 While Eden was busy putting stickers and such on the eggs, I started on my next project of the day: Attempting to make home-made hamburger buns. That, actually, was a multi-step process, but I used my trusty Kitchen Aid mixer to knead it, and THAT kitchen tool is a lifesaver! They turned out pretty good, and I’m looking forward to putting some pig in the crock pot (No, Not Pancake…yet!) and having us some BBQ sandwiches this week!
By this time, I was pretty hot in the house, so I decided to go out and hide the eggs for Eden Rose. She came out and had a blast finding all the eggs. Somewhere, in between all of this, I fixed us lunch, and after the egg hunt, I had to start on Dinner. Then, on to the cleaning of the kitchen, gathering eggs from the chickens, cleaning the eggs, getting clothes ready for Easter Sunday service, and streaming the church service that I was missing because….. I did all of these things with a MIGRAINE!
So, when someone asks me this question…”Do you work?” I choke down my “smart”  reply that I’m dying to snip out at them, smile sweetly and think to myself: Yes, I work. And I bet I get paid WAY more than you! Nothing in life is more precious than home. Home~ filled with Faith, Family and Friends…you just can’t replace it with all the money in the world, or anything those people who “work” for a living can offer!

About Jenny Harrah

I am a daughter of God, the 22 year wife of a wonderful man, and the mother of three beautiful children~ Ethan, age 21; Israel, age 18; and our princess Eden Rose, age 11. I live in the Eastern part of Tennessee, having transplanted from Virginia in my early teenage years. I enjoy reading, sewing, bargain hunting, and eating chocolate! I am blessed with a wonderful church family, and many, MANY friends~ whom I love dearly! God has been so good to me, and I pray He will do the same for you~
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3 Responses to “Do you work?”

  1. Hope says:

    whew~ I am so tired from just reading about all that you did that day! lol I agree it is hard work but so fulfilling…what litte time I did get to spend with my kids growing up. I never was able to be a stay at home mom and do all the things that you talk about…but I did try to do all the things I could when I was at home and off from work with my kids. I am so glad you are able to stay at home and spend the time you can with your kids…I think that is very important to them and they will always cherish those moments when they get older and out on their own. Thumbs up to you!

  2. Jessica says:

    enjoyed your post, Jenny! AS you well know from working at home and outside the home, sometimes going to work gets you more of a rest than staying home – at least you only have ONE thing to concentrate on at work! You do a good job, girlie!
    P.S. I have a wonderful whole grain hamburger bun recipe that you start in the bread machine – only takes about nine minutes of my time from start to finish!

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