Thrifty Find Friday~1

My $20.00 Coach purse and wallet

Thriftiness is my thang. I frequently shop at thrift stores, second hand stores, consignment stores, antique shops, junk places, yard sales and the occasional friend’s house. One of my favorite sayings from my mom (there are several…….suprisingly…haha) is “My name’s Jimmy, I take ALL you give me!” I always take things that people so generously offer to me….even that old, ugly lamp your great, great-grandmother gave your Aunt’s-sister’s-cousin’s-husband. If I don’t like it, I will pass it on to some other unfortunate soul. If I DO like it, then I’m out zero dollars, and have an awesome new treasure. Yes, there is a point to this post….

I was reading some blogs yesterday (it’s a wonderful way to while away time while you are..say..waiting for the government to call you and tell you that your disaster loan that you’ve been waiting three months for has gone through), and ran across one that would show her thrifty finds periodically. Boy, did she find some good stuff! After reading it, I wanted to jump in the van and head out to some thrifty places. I had the fever. Unfortunately, it was eleven o’clock. At night. I’m not too sure any thrifty places are open that late. (If you know of one, keep me posted..sometimes, I can’t sleep…so, I’d rather shop…) Anyway~back to my thought~ finally. I figured I would occasionally write a post of my thrifty finds. Maybe it will inspire you guys, too.

Now, you’re probably saying right now: “But, what about your post on Needs vs. Wants“???? Well……Sometimes a girl just has to shop. My theory is this: Thrift store shopping 

  1.  saves money
  2. is good for the environment (factories don’t have to spend the resources to make new products)
  3. is VERY interesting
  4. and saves money…oh, wait. I said that already. It’s the main reason!

So, yesterday, we were browsing some Antique/Junk stores in Elizabethton, and I found this steal:

I have been wanting one of these for ages! We even went to the Lodge factory outlet last year and scoped them out. The pot alone was almost one hundred dollars, and then you had to buy the lid separately. I found this with the lovely price tag of $20.00! I could NOT believe my eyes!

Thrifting is a wonderful way to get the things you need, and maybe even WANT, at prices you LOVE! Go have fun bargain hunting~


About Jenny Harrah

I am a daughter of God, the 22 year wife of a wonderful man, and the mother of three beautiful children~ Ethan, age 21; Israel, age 18; and our princess Eden Rose, age 11. I live in the Eastern part of Tennessee, having transplanted from Virginia in my early teenage years. I enjoy reading, sewing, bargain hunting, and eating chocolate! I am blessed with a wonderful church family, and many, MANY friends~ whom I love dearly! God has been so good to me, and I pray He will do the same for you~
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