Tonight, I watched my sister-in-law’s pinning ceremony to become a nurse, and I was proud. As I sat there, though, I also felt a sense of worthlessness. I never went to college. I never pursued a career. I never made big money, or accomplished something great with my life. After I slid into my car and started the drive home, I really contemplated this feeling. Some people are called to do really great things with their lives. Some people are gifted to care for the sick. Some folks have a knack for turning everything they touch into gold. Some souls are destined to educate the masses and do it well. I am not one of those. As I walked into the door of my home and saw my husband and sons sitting there…as I snuck into my daughter’s bedroom to lay a good night kiss upon her sleeping brow…. as I surveyed the scene of a loving, happy family; with clean clothes, full bellies, and warm toes… I knew that my calling was different, but still of a great importance. If not to you or anyone else, it is important to four wonderful, precious people. And I felt a reassurance that I am not worthless.


About Jenny Harrah

I am a daughter of God, the 22 year wife of a wonderful man, and the mother of three beautiful children~ Ethan, age 21; Israel, age 18; and our princess Eden Rose, age 11. I live in the Eastern part of Tennessee, having transplanted from Virginia in my early teenage years. I enjoy reading, sewing, bargain hunting, and eating chocolate! I am blessed with a wonderful church family, and many, MANY friends~ whom I love dearly! God has been so good to me, and I pray He will do the same for you~
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6 Responses to Worthless?

  1. Sheri Wiggins says:

    Far from it Jenny, you have the very highest calling. And a husband who loves you and cares for you, healthy children that you have raised healthy, friends who are honored to be your friend. Some of us have gone to school because it is their only option. I would have much rather have had a good husband (notice I didn’t say perfect…. 😉 But things don’t always go the way we want. Don’t ever feel inferior because you get to have the highest calling. Some of the biggest idiots I have ever come across have a college degree!

  2. kelly perrone says:

    And you do an excellent job at being a mother and a wife miss Jenny I love you.

  3. Donna says:

    Jenny, I have often felt that way down thru the years.. I could have worked, but would have to put my girls in daycare ( they were threatened enough with this one). I could have had nicer clothes, jewelry, nice cars whatever, but chose to stay at home and raise my girls. And your right, I know it takes special people to be nurses, etc. And some people have no choice to work, but God has always supplied our needs, it’s not always been easy but Dal has always paid his tithes and our needs, not wants are met. I am proud of you and your family, you are a beautiful person inside and out and I am sure you are much loved and appreciated!!

    • Jenny Harrah says:

      Thank you so much, Donna, for your sweet comment. You are so right! When I went to work full time at the billing office for the hospital, the finance side of things got much easier for us…but I cried almost every day on my way to work. I was miserable! I knew my kids needed me at home, and I felt like it was all I could do to go to work, cook dinner, and clean house. I rarely had time for any extra stuff, like playing outside, long reading sessions, or library time with the kids. When I was able to go to work part time instead of full time, OH, how I rejoiced!!! Our needs have always been met, and that’s what’s important~

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